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I have designed the basic drum pattern by placing kick on 1st and 3rd beat, snare on 2nd and 4th beat. I have added clap sound in "&" of the 4th beat. Then I have experiment with Tom and Cymbal sound. I also give some variation on every 4 measure. Drums are the same in both sections. 

In the bassline track, I have lined up with a kick drum. Then I have added extras note on one octave higher. The bassline also follows the root note of the chord progression. 

I have created the harmony/chord track on B minor scale in Section A and B Major scale in section B. The Section A Chord Progression are: |Bm  |G   | Em  | D    |

and Section B Chord Progression are: |F#   |Esus2    |G#m  |B    |

I have inverted some chords. The melody track completely agreed with harmony. 

I have used 2 recorded audio tracks. In the audio track, I have created sound by humming and snapping the fingers. And 2 Apple loop audio tracks were added.

The project tempo is in 110 and the time signature is 4/4. I have used Channel EQ and Compressor for dynamic processing in the Drum and Audio tracks. I also used a time base effect, reverb in BUS1, and routed with the drum and audio tracks. Then level up and down some volume fader and Pan.  

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