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Ravi Koirala writing music

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Ravi Koirala


Ravi Koirala is a singer, songwriter, and music producer. He was born and raised in Nepal. As he is being from Nepal he inspired by several Nepali and Indian artists.  Mostly he enjoys motivational and empowering upbeat music.  Although he has creative skills in pop, folk, EDM, and country music. 

He released his first song in 2017 in Nepal, then he moved to United State and joined Music Production Bachelor's degree at Full Sail University. He completed his Music Production Bachelor's degree in March 2022. 

During his bachelor's degree program, he has completed production music for film and media, Game Music Production, Music Production for Media, lyrics writing, composition, arrangement assignments. 

He has also some experience in video production and graphic design. 

If you have an interesting project related to any of his expertise, let's have a discussion.

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